Shaun Gagg The Sorrows Of Steel SOLD

By Shaun Gagg

Medium: Sculpture using Nails

Availability: SOLD


The Sorrows Of Steel a welded steel nail sculpture

When I was asked to write a few words about each of the sculptures I have made "no problem" I said and no problem it was until I began to think of the inspiration and perhaps more importantly the reason why I would make a life size Jesus Christ form over 15,000 nails welded together. To begin with I have to admit that I didn't consider myself particularly religious and in all truth if you were to ask any of my family or friends about my religious persuasions they would say I definitely had leanings towards the Pagan so not a good starting point at all. For many years now I have had the Idea of ""Jesus from Nails" at the back of my mind and I think it must have something to do with the painting Christ of Saint John of the Cross by Salvador Dali which I first saw as a teenager and has fascinated me ever since, this combined with my relativity recent switch from sculpting stone to welding composite metal sculptures brought the idea back to my attention a couple of years ago and I began to plan every detail of how it could be constructed and would look in my Mind’s eye, and there it stayed all planned and primed but waiting for the spark to ignite it into reality, then about six months ago during a brain storming session with Stephen my Agent I happened to mention "What about a life size crucifixion of Jesus made from Nails" and he replied something along the lines that religion was a bit of a dodgy subject in the art world so best avoid any controversy and leave it well alone and so this was all the spark I needed to get the ball rolling and the welding began.

So all in all Anarchy is perhaps not the best foundations to build a project on but to be totally honest that was probably a big part of it, but as time went on my outlook began to change.

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